Why Your Website Gets Way More Social Media Traffic Than You Think

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Social media isn’t just for fun, although it can be. (Can you spare us a few Candy Crush credits, by the way? Thanks!)

It also can be serious business to connect with existing and future customers. Your social media presence provides a human face to your operation, which could include conversing with the public or showing photos of your workplace and team. You can keep fans up-to-date about activities, products and services, spread the word about discounts or promotions, and get audiences excited about your brand.

But not everyone knows that social media is also an increasingly smart way to get people to check out your site.

For a long time, people learned about most sites through a company’s traditional advertising or from a favorite search engine.

But over time, more people have been visiting business sites because of their social media presence.

A Shareholic report in 2015 showed that 31 percent of site traffic came from eight social network channels, a figure that grew from 22 percent the previous year. The channels included Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, GooglePlus and StumbleUpon.

Facebook had the highest referral growth, a 10 percent increase from September 2014 to December 2014, 22.36 percent to 24.63 percent.

The world’s dominant social network also received a mix of reactions from the tech community a few months later when it announced that it would be helping news publishers share top headlines easier. Though Facebook users would likely appreciate the convenience of getting their news in one location, some were suspicious of Facebook’s control of data and filtering methods. However, according to Jeff Bullas, as reported by Inboundo, Facebook remains the top influencer of purchases for 47 percent of its 1.15 billion users.

The growing popularity of social media, especially among mobile users, makes it likely that the referrals from social media will increase. Businesses wanting to connect with customers efficiently must consider and expect that they’ll come from any source, and plan accordingly. Other suggestions can include:

  • Make it mobile friendly. Most social networks have a mobile component, and some, like Instagram, barely function on desktops. If you want to have a presence on these channels to drive people to your site, that means mobile visitors will be disappointed if it isn’t responsively designed or includes too much Flash. (Flash isn’t seen well on iPhones)
  • Consider landing pages. If you have a Facebook post about your company, include a link that goes to a page especially for people coming from that channel. The same with a Tweet that talks about a certain promotion.
  • Look for tools. The networks offer ways to improve referrals. For instance Facebook “allows” companies to pay to have posts seen by wider audiences, and offers ways for users to design more appealing messages and ads.
  • Combine with other mobile options. If you have fun benefits available for people who sign up for your texting services, you can promote them on your social media channels and include a link to the sign-up/opt-in page. Likewise, those who have opted-in to receive your sms services can receive texts describing the enjoyable things at the various social channels.  Trumpia and its sister site Texpedite can both help you create mass text campaigns.
  • It’s not everyone. The Shareholic study showed that Facebook and Pinterest saw an increase in referrals from the company social media channel to the company site, but some channels showed the opposite. YouTube, for instance, saw a decrease in the amount of people going to a site year to year. The channel can still be great for building brand loyalty, and present company videos and commercials for visitors to enjoy, but it may not be a great driver for site traffic and referrals.

Overall, social media seems to be an increasingly popular method for users to connect with a business site.

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