The Future of Web Hosting 2015

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The future is here!

2015 is here, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges, trends, and opportunities. It’s a whole new year, a whole new opportunity to start over, and what’s a better place to start things from the ground up than your website? Having an online presence is very important for a business, and whether you’re looking to create a new website for the new year or just revamp your old one, it can be helpful to take note of some of the upcoming trends in web hosting for this year. After all, being prepared can only help you as you move on into the future. So with that in mind, here’s what to look out for as we transition into 2015.


Hosting Has Become a Commodity


It used to be that only a handful of elite companies offered web hosting services, but over the years, that number has grown dramatically. The competition at first helped lower hosting prices, but as more and more people entered the market, those looking to host their websites started becoming even more selective about the companies whose services they chose. This has led to hosting providers trying to differentiate themselves by raising their quality of service. Today, there are so many ‘good’ providers that clients have a long list of potentials to choose from. In 2014, it was noted that customers tended to choose sites based on their performance parameters over any other feature, including customer service and ease of use. Because of this, one of the upcoming trends in web hosting appears to be that companies will focus on their performance metrics in order to get better reviews and thus, attract more customers to their services.


More Businesses Will Move to the Cloud


More companies are projected to have their heads in the cloud this year. One of the upcoming trends in web hosting appears to be a continuation of 2014’s trend putting more businesses online, which means that having a good online presence is becoming more and more important. We’ve covered ways to present yourself online and best methods for choosing a hosting company in earlier articles in this series, and from the way things are looking, such methods will only become more important in the future.


Niche Hosting Could Become a Big Deal


With so many quality hosting services already out there, small hosts might find that it’s better for them to specialize in a niche than to attempt to compete with some of the bigger fish in the pond. Because of this, one of the possible upcoming trends in web hosting appears to be an increase in niche hosting services, creating a number of hosts that attempt to differentiate themselves from their peers by offering something ‘different’. This could also result in a rise in innovation, as standing out from the crowd becomes more and more important, and possibly even the introduction of some new big names coming out onto the playing field.


The Mobile Market is Becoming Increasingly Important


Out of all of the upcoming trends in web hosting, this is probably the one that will surprise nobody. The mobile market is becoming more and more important. As smartphones become increasingly prevalent, available, reliable, and powerful, more and more people are turning to the web for a significant portion of their internet browsing. This means that hosting companies will likely be forced to provide support for mobile versions of webpages, or pressured into enhancing the features that they already have. With people already showing signs of bypassing sites with interesting content in favor of sites that are more approachable and easily accessible from a mobile device, 2015 is starting to look like the year of the smartphone.


Security Risks and the Strategies to Work Around them


In some ways, 2015 might not be a great year for security. The safety of the cloud and the internet in general was already starting to show some wear in 2014, and it’s projected that the security risks inherent in the cloud will only increase in 2015. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and along those lines, it’s also predicted that disaster avoidance strategies and designs along with measures to counter security threats will be placed on the table in 2015. So despite the fact that it’s starting to look like cloud security might be getting worse, it’s also equally likely that it could be getting a lot better.


These are just some of the upcoming trends in web hosting projected for 2015. Every analyst has their own method for deciding what’s important, and every company has their own method for dealing with the trends or working around them. Since no one can truly predict the future, anything written here is subject to change, but a good knowledge of what’s currently happening and where things are going can only benefit you in the long run. With mobile networks on the rise and more businesses shifting to the cloud, the year ahead of us is starting to look even more digital than the last, and a good understanding of the web, how it works, and how to use it is key, and necessary to keep from getting swept up in the tides.