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Every small business faces challenges over the course of time that get addressed or grow into bigger problems. As business situations evolve, there’s a critical need to find trusted expertise for numerous situations.

Small business consultants help with cash flow, corporate set up, CRM, electronic record protection (ERP), human resources, law, marketing agreements, projections, risk, sales, VARs, and more.

At ANEVRY, we’ve often been asked a question that usually sounds like this: “Do you guys know anyone that…”

After numerous successful referrals, we decided to simply let people know, once and for all, that the answer is an emphatic YES!

We actually provide 3rd party small business consulting for entrepreneurs for all aspects of business development, interim CFO, intellectual property (IP) protection, model APSM from manufacturing to private practice problem solving, and lots more.

For some it starts at the front desk for intake on information, others need logistical affairs: clients may find they have a problem with paper and need to get updated for Electronic Medical Systems, office infrastructure, scanners, software, and progressively set up an OCR  system that can scan and recognize all document contents before it seeks out patient records and the system handles the rest of record management.

Our consulting department is where you go when you’re not sure what you need, but know you need something in a solution from A-Z.

If your small business needs a key trusted team capable of assessing challenges quickly and provide you with cost effective solutions to address them, from the front door to back door and beyond, give us a call. We offer a free no obligation initial consultation.

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